"What if age is nothing but a mind-set?" asks NYTimes Magazine article
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment and Michael Crichton

A Michael Crichton interview I had not read before

A few months ago, I wrote two posts on the so-called "Michael Crichton Conspiracy" on my main blog, MichaelMcGaulley.com.   Here's the link to the first of my posts  Here's the link to the second article

A strange thing happened: since then, these two topics have been right at the top of my most clicked-to items. It seems that hardly a day or so goes by without someone from somewhere in the world pulling them up.  Michael Crichton was one of my favorite writers, as he was for a few million others, as well, so I thought I'd pass them on.

Those two posts are also among the often-clicked on another of my blogs, this for my technothriller A REMEDY FOR DEATH.

That's by way of background for today's post, a pair of interviews with Michael Crichton in which he discussed his books PREY and TIMELINE. They're not new--as, sadly, he died suddenly in 2008-- but they are new to me, and I thought you'd find them of interest, as well.  It's not clear whether they were originally separate interviews.

Here's the link to the interviews in BookBrowse