"Meet the Google executive who plans to cheat death: Ray Kurzweil"-- article in London DAILY MAIL
"Bioengineer: the heart is one of the easiest organs to bioprint, we'll do it in a decade"--Wired UK

"Death on agenda at coffee klatches"-- Associated Press article

"Death on agenda at coffee klatches", an article by Jim Fitzgerald, is not the usual fare here on the blog for my science techo-thriller, A REMEDY FOR DEATH.  But it reminds of some things to ponder, alone or with others:

The gatherings, known as Death Cafes, provide places where death can be discussed comfortably, without fear of violating taboos or being mocked for bringing up the subject.

Organizers say there's no agenda other than getting a conversation started — and that talking about death can help people become more comfortable with it and thereby enrich their lives.

"Most people walking down the street, they're terrified of death," said Jane Hughes Gignoux, 83, an author who leads Death Cafe gatherings at her Manhattan apartment. "But if you think of death as part of life and let go of the fear, you think more about living your life well."