"Stem Cell Fraud: A 60 Minutes investigation"
Living to 100 and beyond--- Wall Street Journal

"Chasing the youth pill" -- Fortune oldie

I suppose it's fair to say that humans' interest in remaining youthful is a quest that never gets old. (Terrible pun, but it does set the scene.)

I've been researching and collecting information on my speculative medical thriller, THE LIFE AFTER LIFE CONSPIRACY, for a long time (longer than I want to think about!).  I came on this 2004 article in FORTUNE by David Stipp in my archives, and felt it deserved to be given a new life (oops! there I go again).

In  any case, this article raises some of the key issues on this topic, including  the medical ethics of prolonging life, as ". . .  research [may be]  threatening to rob life of the meaning that comes from growing old and dying naturally."

Which happens to be one of the issues explored in THE LIFE AFTER LIFE CONSPIRACY.

Another issue explored both in my book and the article is the role--- proper or improper --- of drug or pharmaceutical firms and labs getting into this issue of anti-aging,  slowing the aging process, seeking to extend  life, including what is "acceptable" in these areas, and what is not. (And who is to determine "acceptable"?)

 "Chasing the youth pill"-- Fortune article


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